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Porter Service ™ gets you out of the garbage business with on-site waste consolidation and collection for apartments, condominiums, shopping and commercial centers and industrial complexes.

At Superior Equipment we consolidate on-site through the use of towed bins and solid waste compactors. Our Porter Service™ eliminates the need for the heavy-hauler's truck to travel through your complex - saving wear & tear and prolonging the life of your asphalt roads. We can do door-to-door pick up of trash and/or enclosure-to-enclosure pick-up.

Complete installation and maintenance of all necessary equipment. "Trash train" porter service for apartment complexes and strip malls. Customized recycling programs.

Our Porter Service™ saves you wear and tear on your property and saves your maintenance personnel's time which reduces your labor costs. To discuss how our Porter Service™ can save you money (click here) contact us today.

Rental Programs - Superior Equipment is able to rent any solid waste equipment to meet your needs.

Program includes free installation, all maintenance, upgrade as your needs change, low monthly fees. Learn more about a rental program (click here), contact us today.

Lease Programs - Superior Equipment will lease you the solid waste equipment you need.

Superior offers Turnkey Financing - including freight, installation, and applicable taxes. Learn more about the benefits of leasing (click here), contact us today.

FREE Consulting Services that address your site-specific needs and concerns

Learn how you can: Reduce collection costs
Improve appearance and cleanliness of the disposal / collection area
Reduce theft and merchandise loss
Minimize heavy truck traffic and save on roadway upkeep
Eliminate open bins that invite dumping and scavenging
Improve employee efficiency
Eliminate pests and waste fire hazards

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Installation - Maintenance - Service

Superior Equipment has trained and experienced technicians to install, repair and service your waste management equipment. Regular maintenance and repair will add years of reliable service and prolong the value of your investment. Find out more about our maintenance program today (click here)