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Superior Solutions for solid waste equipment, systems and services for apartments, condos, shopping centers, commercial and industrial applications

Sales, Lease and Rental Programs

Superior Equipment, Inc., offers equipment sales, lease, or rental programs including; commercial refuse compactors and balers, custom trash centralization, and recycling programs. We run your waste disposal as a clean, safe and efficient operation that greatly reduces refuse volume and reduces garbage costs significantly.

Free Waste Management Assessment

Superior Equipment, Inc., provides a no-obligation, on-site survey for developing a solid waste management plan that meets the needs of your business. Contact Us for a free waste management on-site survey.

Complete Installation, Maintenance & Service

We have a complete service department staffed by factory-trained, experienced technicians that can meet all of your repair & maintenance needs. Proper installation, scheduled maintenance and expert repairs will add years of reliable service and prolong the value of your investment. Contact Us to set up a service call or maintenance program.

Rental Programs

Compactor Rental Programs for solid waste and recycling. Get more information on our compactor rental programs.

Porter Service™ Saves You Time, Money & Hassle

Porter Service™ gets you out of the garbage business with on-site waste consolidation and collection for apartments, condominiums, shopping and commercial centers and industrial complexes. Learn more about saving money with our Porter Service.